Numbers, Radicals, and Exponents - Primes, LCM and GCF


Math 10C - Primes, LCM and GCF

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Download and print the Primes, LCM, and GCF Workbook.

Lesson Transcript:

All of the Primes, LCM, and GCF Notes are available as a video transcript.

Topics Covered:

  • prime numbers
  • prime factorization
  • LCM (least common multiple)
  • GCF (greatest common factor)
  • problem solving with LCM and GCF. (building a fence, running laps, stacking tiles, making fruit baskets, organizing coins, finding the volume of a sugar cube)


Curriculum Connection: Algebra and Number 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.7


Video Tutorial

primes, lcm, and gcf

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