Math 10C Practice Exams: Answer Key and Solutions


All practice exam questions are directly sourced from the workbook and converted to a multiple-choice format. While the video solutions correspond to the original workbook questions, the strategy to find the answer is the same in both formats.

Exam One: Measurement


  1. D   Metric and Imperial, Introduction (b)
  2. C   Metric and Imperial, Example 1c
  3. A   Metric and Imperial, Example 5b
  4. D   Metric and Imperial, Example 6e
  5. A   Metric and Imperial, Example 8e
  6. D   Metric and Imperial, Example 9f
  7. C   Metric and Imperial, Example 10b
  8. D   Metric and Imperial, Example 11c
  9. A   Metric and Imperial, Example 11f
  10. B   Metric and Imperial, Example 13a
  11. A   Metric and Imperial, Example 14a
  12. C   Surface Area and Volume, Intro (d)
  13. A   Surface Area and Volume, Example 1b
  14. A   Surface Area and Volume, Example 2a
  15. B   Surface Area and Volume, Example 2b
  16. A   Surface Area and Volume, Example 3b
  17. B   Surface Area and Volume, Example 6a
  18. B   Trigonometry I, Example 1d
  19. B   Trigonometry I, Example 2d
  20. D   Trigonometry I, Example 3b
  21. A   Trigonometry I, Example 5a
  22. D   Trigonometry I, Example 5b
  23. A   Trigonometry II, Example 1a
  24. C   Trigonometry II, Example 2c
  25. A   Trigonometry II, Example 3b
  26. C   Trigonometry II, Example 4a
  27. B   Trigonometry II, Example 6


Exam Two: Numbers, Radicals, and Exponents


  1. C   Number Sets, Example 1c
  2. B   Number Sets, Example 1e
  3. C   Number Sets, Example 1g
  4. D   Number Sets, Example 3
  5. C   Number Sets, Example 4b
  6. C   Primes, LCM, and GCF, Example 1
  7. D   Primes, LCM, and GCF, Example 2c
  8. C   Primes, LCM, and GCF, Example 3c
  9. B   Primes, LCM, and GCF, Example 4a
  10. C   Primes, LCM, and GCF, Example 5c
  11. D   Squares, Cubes, and Roots, Example 4d
  12. A   Squares, Cubes, and Roots, Example 5a
  13. A   Squares, Cubes, and Roots, Example 6b
  14. B   Squares, Cubes, and Roots, Example 7b
  15. B   Radicals, Introduction (b)
  16. A   Radicals, Example 1b
  17. B   Radicals, Example 2d
  18. D   Radicals, Example 4d
  19. B   Radicals, Example 6c
  20. D   Radicals, Example 6e
  21. B   Radicals, Example 7e
  22. C   Radicals, Example 8e
  23. C   Exponents I, Example 1c
  24. D   Exponents I, Example 2f
  25. C   Exponents I, Example 3e
  26. B   Exponents I, Example 4d
  27. D   Exponents II, Example 1e
  28. C   Exponents II, Example 2e
  29. A   Exponents II, Example 4a
  30. C   Exponents II, Example 5b
  31. A   Exponents II, Example 6c
  32. D   Exponents II, Example 7b
  33. D   Exponents II, Example 8c


Exam Three: Polynomials


  1. C   Expanding Polynomials, Example 2d
  2. C   Expanding Polynomials, Example 3c
  3. B   Expanding Polynomials, Example 3d
  4. C   Expanding Polynomials, Example 4b
  5. C   Expanding Polynomials, Example 5a
  6. C   Expanding Polynomials, Example 6c
  7. C   Expanding Polynomials, Example 7a
  8. D   Expanding Polynomials, Example 8c
  9. A   Expanding Polynomials, Example 9c
  10. A   Greatest Common Factor, Example 1e
  11. A   Greatest Common Factor, Example 2b
  12. C   Greatest Common Factor, Example 3d
  13. B   Greatest Common Factor, Example 4c
  14. D   Greatest Common Factor, Example 6a
  15. C   Factoring Trinomials, Example 2a
  16. A   Factoring Trinomials, Example 3a
  17. C   Factoring Trinomials, Example 4a
  18. A   Factoring Trinomials, Example 4b
  19. A   Factoring Trinomials, Example 5b
  20. C   Factoring Trinomials, Example 6a
  21. D   Factoring Trinomials, Example 6b
  22. D   Factoring Trinomials, Example 8b
  23. D   Special Polynomials, Example 3a
  24. B   Special Polynomials, Example 3c
  25. D   Special Polynomials, Example 4
  26. A   Special Polynomials, Example 5c


Exam Four: Relations and Functions


  1. B   Graphing Relations, Introduction (d)
  2. C   Graphing Relations, Example 2a
  3. B   Graphing Relations, Example 3a
  4. B   Graphing Relations, Example 4d
  5. B   Graphing Relations, Example 7h
  6. A   Domain and Range, Introduction (c)
  7. A   Domain and Range, Introduction (e)
  8. B   Domain and Range, Example 2b
  9. B   Domain and Range, Example 5a
  10. A   Domain and Range, Example 5b
  11. D   Domain and Range, Example 6
  12. C   Functions, Example 1c
  13. A   Functions, Example 2a
  14. D   Functions, Example 3c
  15. D   Functions, Example 4b
  16. D   Functions, Example 5g
  17. D   Functions, Example 6f
  18. A   Intercepts, Introduction (b)
  19. D   Intercepts, Example 1b
  20. D   Intercepts, Example 3b
  21. A   Interpreting Graphs, Introduction (c)
  22. D   Interpreting Graphs, Example 2a


Exam Five: Linear Functions


  1. A   Slope of a Line, Introduction (b)
  2. D   Slope of a Line, Introduction (d)
  3. C   Slope of a Line, Example 2a
  4. A   Slope of a Line, Example 3b
  5. B   Slope of a Line, Example 4e
  6. A   Slope-Intercept Form, Introduction (d)
  7. B   Slope-Intercept Form, Example 2a
  8. C   Slope-Intercept Form, Example 3b
  9. C   Slope-Intercept Form, Example 4a
  10. B   Slope-Point Form, Introduction (a)
  11. A   Slope-Point Form, Example 2b
  12. B   Slope-Point Form, Example 3a
  13. A   Slope-Point Form, Example 4c
  14. D   Slope-Point Form, Example 5a
  15. D   General Form, Example 1b
  16. C   General Form, Example 2a
  17. C   General Form, Example 3b
  18. C   General Form, Example 4b
  19. B   General Form, Example 5b
  20. D   General Form, Example 8
  21. B   Parallel and Perpendicular, Example 1b
  22. D   Parallel and Perpendicular, Example 2b
  23. C   Parallel and Perpendicular, Example 3a
  24. A   Parallel and Perpendicular Example 4b
  25. C   Parallel and Perpendicular, Example 7


Exam Six: Systems of Equations


  1. A   Solving Systems Graphically, Introduction
  2. B   Solving Systems Graphically, Example 1a
  3. B   Solving Systems Graphically, Example 1b
  4. B   Solving Systems Graphically, Example 2c
  5. D   Solving Systems Graphically, Example 3b
  6. D   Solving Systems Graphically, Example 6
  7. B   Solving Systems Graphically, Example 8
  8. C   Substitution, Example 1b
  9. C   Substitution, Example 2b
  10. D   Substitution, Example 2c
  11. B   Substitution, Example 2d
  12. C   Substitution, Example 3
  13. B   Substitution, Example 4
  14. A   Substitution, Example 6
  15. A   Substitution, Example 7
  16. A   Substitution, Example 8
  17. C   Elimination, Example 1b
  18. C   Elimination, Example 2a
  19. D   Elimination, Example 2b
  20. B   Elimination, Example 2c
  21. A   Elimination, Example 3
  22. C   Elimination, Example 5
  23. B   Elimination, Example 7
  24. B   Elimination, Example 8